Rock N Roll Save My Life 7" - Even

Label:Full Toss Records Records
Tracks:Rock and Roll Save My Life
Shakin' Street
Last One

Rating: 3.5/5

Rock N Roll Save My Life, the first single taken from Evenís third album, A Different High, sees the band exploring similar territory to their first two EPs (In Stereo and Ten to Forty-Six) although these days Ash Naylor is a much more accomplished and confident singer.

With a title like Rock N Roll Save My Life you would expect the song to in some way rectify the situation, at least remind the listener just why rock n roll can be such a powerful force. However, when the song fails to take off, one canít help but feel a little disappointed. Where a ripping guitar solo would have been appropriate, they instead have some backwoods guitar. Itís perhaps therefore somewhat appropriate that on the B-side they decide to cover The MC5ís Shakiní Street, a song about Ďwhere all the kids meetí. The last track is a killer garage instrumental with distorted organ and stompiní guitar that sounds a lot like something The Stems might have done.

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